WIC Compliance

Our History

For over ten years our firm has conducted WIC Compliance Investigations. We are women owned and operated. DBA Investigations is made up of mothers, some of whom were once WIC participants. For these reasons, we are dedicated to preserving the WIC program, to serve generations to come. We feel honored to assist with program integrity and are proud to be part of the NWA.

Our Approach

We have always made a point to identify potential irritants that participants could encounter. For example, discriminatory practices, crowded/cluttered stores, rude/under-trained staff, dirty/offensive items in store, etc. We understand these "Pain Points" could discourage participants and note all findings in our reports.  We submit digital or paper reports with supporting documentation that can be used in evidentiary and administrative hearings. Our staff will testify in a court hearing, if requested by counsel. Our goal is to provide investigators that match​ the demographics of the area in which the investigation is being performed, at times even altering the appearance of the investigator.

Our Additional Resources

We can help you transition your paper report formats into digital formats. 

Our team of investigators are fluent in English, Spanish, and ASL. We look forward to adding more diversity to our investigator base as the opportunities arise. 

Audio and video equipment can be used on special assignment.

WIC Compliance Investigations